We specialise in crop protection sprays and by working closely with product suppliers ensures our staff are kept up to date with the latest chemistry developments. We stock all the major brands and being part of the CRT Buying Group enables us to offer a wider range of products to customers.


We supply a wide range of fertilisers to maximise your farm productivity. We offer NPK blends and technical crystal 100% water soluble blends and straights and also liquid straights & NPK blends. We also have some of the most unique fertiliser brands available e.g. Hybrid Ag products.

Home, Garden & Farming Supplies

We offer a variety of farming supplies and general sundry items. Anything from orchard trellis requirements to hand tools, we have all your farming needs covered. We also stock home garden pest control products.


We have Antonio Carraro tractors, small in size but BIG in horse-power, specially designed for the tight confinement of the modern orchard.


We have been selling Spray Pumps for over 20 years and currently stocking Tornato Spray Pumps, with one of the most efficient air blast fans in the business. We also stock a large range of Silvan & Solo products.

Picking Platforms

We are the Australian dealer for Revo Piuma 4WD Picking Platforms. Manufactured in Italy, these picking platforms use the latest technology to self-drive and self-steer down the orchard rows, allowing a more efficient pruning, thinning and picking process.